My soul is chastened within me, O God.
Yet even in this crush of conviction
there flickers a spark of hope,
for you have told us you discipline those whom you love.

I have harmed another, O Lord, and now
I have neither peace nor rest.
Yet I recognize in my own agitation
the stirrings of your Spirit who works in us, ever for our good.

I have run from your presence
and from my conscience,
but I would run no more, O Lord.

I have hidden myself in shadows,
seeking to avoid your face,
even as did my father Adam and
my mother Eve in their first guilt.

I have drawn away from the sound of your voice, fearful
of what you might speak, fearful of what obedience might require,
for I have sinned, O Father, and I am pained
at this thought, and shamed
to bring my faults into the light…

I confess, O God, that I have broken faith,
broken trust, wounded another,
and for this I repent.

Restorer of all things, redeem
the damage I have done.
Restore, remake, rekindle, rebuild.
Heal, comfort, and repair.
Knit together that which I have rent…

Forgive me, O Lord, lest I despair.
Restore me, lest I be forever lost.
For your pardon alone
is sufficient to my peace;
and your death to my resurrection.
Embrace me again to life
and to right standing with you, O God,
and to the fellowship of love
and compassion that is your church.

I am always, every moment, in need of you. Amen

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