During each week of our time together, there will be 5, sometimes 6 practives to the week. I’ve explained these in the Before We Begin post, but I will give you a brief explanation here and how to move from one practice to the next. Along with this I will explain how I’ve managed to stick to some manner of order, in terms of the Church calendar.

Before We Begin: This section includes an introduction to the Guide. That’s followed by an explanation of Lectio Divina, Confessional Prayer, Lectio Quote, and the Lord’s Prayer. This will be posted the week prior to Advent.

Advent 1: This is the first week of Advent which begins on December 3, 2023. The theme of this week is: Prepare. The reflection will post on Sunday afternoon. While I’m not sure how I will work the timing of the practices connected to Advent 1 I will upload Lectio Divina, Confessional Prayer, the Lord’s Prayer and a Lectio Quote based on that week’s theme, probably on Monday. You are welcome to do any of it or none of it!

Advent 2: This is the second week of Advent and it begins on December 10, 2023. The theme of this week will be waiting. This will begin with a devotional uploaded Sunday afternoon and then through the week the different practices will be posted.

Advent 3: This is the third week of Advent which begins on December 17, 2023. The theme of this week is: Watch. Like the first two weeks it will begin with a devotional posted that Sunday night, followed by the other elements. If this is starting to get confusing go to the spiritual practices section and read what’s written about these different practices!

Advent 4: This is where it gets tricky! This is the fourth week of Advent, and it begins on Christmas Eve. This theme is Immanuel and this section has all the same practices as the preceding weeks. But it’s tricky because usually there would be a full week before Christmas Day, but there is only one day!  When I post the devotional, I will post all the different practices as well.  

Christmas 1: This begins on December 25, 2023, and it too has a whole week of reflections and exercises. The theme for this week is: Incarnation. You can double up for the week or do it at your leisure. The devotional will be posted on Monday, the 25, and then the exercises will be posted throughout the week.

Christmas 2: This begins on December 31, 2023, and the theme for this week is “Incarnational Reality.”

Epiphany 1: The devotional will be posted on January 6, 2024, as this is the official date for Epiphany. This is a Saturday, so it too will have the devotional and all the exercises posted for this day.

Epiphany 2: The devotional will be posted on January 7, 2024 (a Sunday). The theme will be on The Magi. The exercises will follow throughout the week.

Epiphany 3: The devotional will be posted on January 14, 2024. The theme is Christ’s baptism. How exciting! The format will follow the other weeks of the guide.

Epiphany 4: The devotional will be posted on January 21, 2024. The theme is The Trinity. This format will follow as the previous weeks have.

This ends this half of Into Our Bones, and we will pick it up probably the two Sundays before Ash Wednesday.

*Note here on Epiphany – Many traditions end Epiphany the Sunday after January 6. And then enter into a period of time called Ordinary Time. (This does not mean it’s common or mundane – it means it is ordered, numbered time.) I’ve elected to post 4 times with the theme of Epiphany because there is so much richness in this season!